Alice’s Story



As long as I knew, it was my Uncle and Antie who took care of me and my sister. They also struggled getting us school fees so we were in and out of school since we were fees defaulters, this made our performance very weak, we could never settle to consentrate in school. I got into a relationship with a man who promised to provide some needs which my family could not afford to give me but little did I know that he would get me pregnant (at 17 years )in return for his favors. My family,when I got pregnant, got mad and started mistreating me in many ways.It got abusive so I left home. I had no one else to run to, I was rejected, I was hopeless and fear ful, I was in tears.One day, a police man found me sleeping under a tree, I told him my story and he took care of me for a week as he investigated about the man who made me pregnant and my family. He could not find any place for me, the man who made me pregnant run away from the village .So one of his relatives was so kind to tell me about the Fortress,thank God. I needed a home, food, medical care and love! My family and ‘responsible man’ all abandoned me but am glad Fortress took me up, took good care of me even many months after the delivery of my baby..Micheal Angel Wonder.

Today, iam a happy mother of lovely boy. Also, WOPI-Fortress sponsored me back to school and I worn some awards too.

My future is very bright! I see my self as a rich and healthy woman. I believe that I will make it in life together with my son.I hope to have a husband in future and to raise wonderful God loving children!

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