Hanifa’s Story

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Hanifa’s Story



My name is Hanifa.My father died when i was at avery young age and so grew up with my grandparents who paid school fees for me until S.3 when then could not afford to pay school fees anymore. I dropped out of school. I and my brothers started to do small jobs to be able to take care of ourselves, was not easy. I got into a relationship with the man who started to provide to my material needs but  and after sometime, I got pregnant and he abandoned me. My grandmother abandoned me too, she did not want anything to do with me, I was only 16year of age, I felt hopeless. Am so glad that at that time, I found out about the Fortress and they took me up, gave me a very good welcome. The Fortress did not only provide to all my material and hospital needs, but also gave me counseling. I also got opportunity to meet many other girls who were in my same situation. At the fortress, I learnt how to make friends, make jewelry thus some income. Thru counseling and life-skill lessons, I became bold and confident. Soon I delivered my baby,Fortress took good care of me and later I was ressetled after which they sponsored me back to school and studied Fashion and Design!

Today,I do design and Tailoring and I enjoy my work and earn money too. Am forever greatful for the opportunity of being through the fortress!!

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