It’s a good Problem/ Challenge!

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It’s a good Problem/ Challenge!

We are forever thankful for the opportunity of being able to help abandoned pregnant teens off the street and being able to accept, love,counsel them and empower them in different ways.

However, lately, we have what we call a good problem/challenge!! We have an over flow, we receive more girls than our space can officially accommodate, we have less room compared to the extend of the great need.  We find it hard to say ‘No’ to a homeless, abandoned and needy pregnant mum, we rather squeeze up than sending them to  sleep on the street and stay hungry and unloved. The need is more than ever before therefore we are praying and believing that with the support of all our interested friends, we can be able to buy a piece of land and be able to build our own facilities just a few kilometers from the city. The process is already started, all we need is the funds to make is possible. We therefore encourage you our friends to be a blessing to this project.

There are so many stories we could tell to try and show the need, this is just one of them;

Three months ago, we received a girl from the church which found this pregnant girl sleeping on the floor of the tent church. i was contacted by the church administration and when i got there, i found this girl in a terrible state. i was moved by her story . when she got pregnant, she was thrown out by her family and she run to her boyfriend who began pressuring her to do an abortion which she did not want to so she run to the streets, later she found our church, which is a tent and she asked if she could spend a night there. Av been to this tent for overnight prayers, i cant forget the experience of the coldness and biting mosquitoes there at night.

So when i was told that she has been sleeping there, i was in awe of how she survived and her pregancy. Well, she is with us at the Fortress, her joy is back,she is loved and she has meals, life skill and parenting lessons,counselling and sleeps confertbly in her own bed, she will  have her baby in September. Her hopes are restored, you need to see the smile on hr face and the confidence she expresses!

We need a new home. Would you be interested in blessing us with whatever financial contribution?


Some of the girls we have today….making Chapatti bread!! No longer homeless! May yu consider being apart of this land purchase project? You can make a difference here! bless you