Monica’s Story



Monica is my name. Both of my parents died when I was really young,all I remember was growing up with my elder Sis in the village who did not afford to pay my school dues so I didn’t study much,not even learn to speak or write in English. I looked for small jobs like being a house maid but earned less than 20 dollars a month. With time, I got into a relationship,got pregnant but this man threw me out and did not want anything to do with me and the pregnancy.

The lady I worked for could not help me anymore, I needed help with my pregnancy, delivery and the upcoming baby and that’s how I got to the Fortress where I had my baby very well and also learned a lot. All along, I loved taking care of children and soon the Fortress stuff found out and after my resettlement, I was offered a job as a Fortress Antie in charge of babies. I also spend a lot of time with the Fortress girls, loving them like I was loved here.

I now work at the Fortress. I love my Job, I love the babies. Also, last year, I joined a school for English and dance and I even worn an Award.

My dream has come true, I speak English and write some too. I believe I will go ahead and study Proffetional child care! I love Jesus and one of my hobbies is to speak about His amazing grace and love. I enjoy church too, am actually one of the Children’s church teachers, I do that every Sunday,I love it!.I also have a beautiful baby girl,Ester,I love it that Iam able to still take care of her as I work at the Fortress! Thank you Jesus for your love to me through the Fortress, came just in time!

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